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Exclusive Workshop to Build Your Membership Area (LearningHub) in ClickFunnels!

Get ready! During this 4-hour interactive workshop you’re going to get it done! No more procrastinating because of overwhelming tech.

  • Craft your Learning Journey if you don't yet have one
  • Set up your LearningHub
  • Set up other ClickFunnels automations to support LearningHub

When: July 19th from 9am-1pm MST


This workshop is $197 or you can get it for free when you join GeekOut Academy for $97/month.
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What You’ll DO in the LearningHub Workshop:

Action 01

Craft an Engaging Learning Journey for Your Students

Find out how to create a fun and interactive learning experience that keeps your students coming back for more. We’ll help you align your content with your goals to ensure everyone’s happy and engaged...

Action 02

Set Up Your LearningHub in ClickFunnels

Easily set up a professional, user-friendly membership area. We’ll walk you through it step-by-step, tackling common challenges so you feel confident and in control. No more wasting time on confusing setups—get it right the first time and launch it faster!

Action 03

Set Up
Workflows and Automations

From automating student enrollments to setting up email sequences and integrating CRM systems, you’ll learn how to create efficient processes that save you time and enhance your students' experience.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Workshop

This isn't just another training; You’re going to roll-up your sleeves and actually get your LearningHub set up and ready to load your course material into.

Exclusive, Limited-Time Workshop:

We’re only offering this Hands-On Workshop for LearningHubs once.

If you’ve been needing some hand-holding to get your LearningHub ready to launch, now is your chance! We’re going to help you get it done in 4 hours!

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Ready to Transform Your Membership Area?

Don’t let tech issues hold you back. Join our workshop and build a simple LearningHub that gets you up and running fast.

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